Friday, October 31, 2008

1447. A belt sander from the Henry Ford Museum, it was powered from above by a line shaft, text on the sign next to it said:
This sander was used to smooth wooden parts for wheels and wagons. It had a rough belt for preliminary work and a fine belt for finish work. It sure made sanding faster, but it must have created clouds of dust in the shop.

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My guess is that a rope was tied between the two eyelets on each side, the rope could then be used to keep the work piece in place on the sanding belt.

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1448. These springs were sold to be used as an optical illusion, as seen in the video on this site.

1449. An RTX Push Button Turkey Box Call, used by a hunter to call wild turkeys:

The upper part is rubbed across the lower piece of wood to make the call.

1450. A George Washington Door Stop, by Newton Mfg Co., Newton, Iowa, in use it was stood on its head with the wedge going under the door.

1451. Scissors for shredding paper:

1452. A Stanley auger bit stop, the placement of this device determines the depth of the hole that can be drilled with a brace:

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